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Surgical Hat

One of the Leading Surgical Hat Suppliers

BISCA A/S is a leading name surgical hat suppliers. Since its inception, BISCA A/S has strived for design creation and manufacturing quality products in and outside Germany. Our different range of products including Medical Surgical Shoes and Melt-blown filtering nonwoven fabrics have made us a household name in the medical accessories market. Over the past few years, we have expanded our product range to include a full line of medical and surgical hats.

Our stylish and classic surgical caps are ideal for medical workers who want hygienic, comfortable, and work wear solutions. Our hats include more than enough covered elastic for snuggle fit around the head with no need of pinching. Our extremely absorbent cloth surgical hat covers the forehead because we know you have to work tirelessly with comfort during double shifts and long surgeries.

To compete with other surgical hat suppliers, we offer surgical caps that include ties so that you can tighten the band and secure your look in place if required. Surgical scrub hats are offered with an additional mini “belt loop” for the prevention of long hair getting caught.

Best Surgical Hat Suppliers

All surgical covers are planned in light of your demands. We utilize poly/cotton or cotton mixes. This texture is sturdy yet breathable enough to long-last through various washes. Browse an assortment of styles, tones, and patterns to locate your ideal fit. One size fits most.

We always strive to give fantastic client support, prevalent quality items, utilizing the greatest materials, producing most of our merchandise by using the latest technology.

Our stakeholders including customers and suppliers bank on us to comply with applicable legal regulations and to conduct corporate responsibility with integrity. As one of the reliable surgical hat suppliers, we take immense pride in our ethical integrity, and BAISCA A/S’s continued success depends upon it.

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