July 15, 2020
Protective Goggles
July 15, 2020

Protective Suite

1) 35% cotton+63% polyester+2% conductive

98% polyester+2% conductive fiber

2) Yarn: 100D*100D.
3) Gram weight: 125g.
4) Wrap density: 68/cm.
5) Colors available: white, green, light blue, royal blue, light grey and etc.
6) Surface resistance: 10e6-10e8 Ohm or 10e7-10e9 Ohm.
7) Permeability to air: 75cm3/cn2/sec.
8) Static voltage: 23v.
9) Friction voltage: 110v.
10) Electrified capacity: 0.35μC/m2.
11) Static decay: <0.4s. 12) Durability: 50 Washes. 13) Customization is available.

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