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July 15, 2020
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July 15, 2020

Melt Blown Fabric

Leading Melt Blown Fabric Suppliers

BISCA A/S is among the leading Melt blown fabric suppliers in Germany. Apart from making melt blown fabric, we offer surgical footwear, Medical Surgical Mask, and Kn95 Protective Face Mask. Know more about our offerings by visiting the “Products” tab.

Melt blown fabric is a non-woven sheet structured from ultra-fine special polypropylene fibers. This fiber type is given electret features via a specialized process. It is close to being indispensable for products required for creating clean environments, such as wiping cloths, hair caps, filters, and masks.

Established a decade ago, we produce meltdown non-woven material for the fastest growing facemask, healthcare, and filtration, appliance, automotive, and consumer markets. We offer sheet goods media and non-woven roll around the world using advanced technology which makes fiber to meet worldwide standards.

As one of the leading Melt blown fabric suppliers, we are consistently understanding and meeting the requirements of our local and global customers with high-performance non-woven stuff for all types of relevant markets.

High-Quality Melt Blown Fabric Suppliers

BISCA A/S strives to offer and maintain a safe environment for every employee and visitor. Our Committee for Safety operates tirelessly to lessen injuries and accidents to the workforce and maximize employee safety.

We comprehend that an all-around managed work environment well-being program benefits our organization by keeping up workers wellbeing, decreasing lost-time mishaps, and expanding proficiency. To accomplish our objectives as one of the trusted Melt blown fabric suppliers, we have built up various security approaches and strategies with respect to representative’s and visitor’s wellbeing and security.

We have our mission and belief on the fast and continuous development of new value-added necessary products, high level client service along with continuous operational improvement. We achieve our main goal with a solid responsibility to the wellbeing of our workers, the climate and the networks where we work.

We understand and believe that our success is dependent upon the active involvement of our employees with the backing of consistent improvement and assessment of safety policies and procedures. We have our own Quality Control (QC) in place to assure every unit goes eror-free.

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