How to Pick One between Disposable vs Reusable Surgical Hats

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Several medical facilities and hospitals have started using disposable scrub hats offered by various surgical hat suppliers. This is a new step when it comes to the medical field while some have gone even further and began using only disposables and announce a strict NO to reusable cotton scrubs. This big no has opened gates for a huge debate.

Interestingly, the hygienic factors for both still remain a question. There are no evidences to prove that the sterilized and air tight packed disposable scrubs have an edge over cotton ones. While the latter is also sterilized before each usage. To go a bit off topic, you can learn sterilization process better from frozen chicken parts suppliers.

Following are the factors that should be seen before opting for reusable and disposable cotton surgical hats or scrubs.


One common issue some hospital authorities suggest about cotton hats are the utmost care they should practice in order to maintain and keep them sterilized each time. As many of us already know, the human head contains larger number of bacteria and hats are the first surgical clothing that goes into an operation theater before anything else. This makes it clear that sterilizing these before each usage is very important to prevent bacteria being spread.


When it comes to disposable hats, the worry about sterilization can be completely avoided as these come in air tight containers which are packed only after proper sterilization. However, the single concern is about the hygiene of the external part of these packets which are exposed to germs and other viruses. This makes it clear that even though a hospital switches to disposable hats, they still have to practice care in storing and using them as there are chances of germs entering from the external parts of the cover.

Ease of Use

One true advantage that disposable scrubs have over cotton scrubs is the ease of use. There are no headaches associated with the maintenance when it comes to disposable hats. It is all about tear opening a packet, using the hat and then disposing it properly. This being a plus point for disposable hats, cotton scrubs come with the benefit of being quite economical. Since the flexibility of reuse always remains, cotton versions are very cheap and can be used throughout the year.

Last Word

Choosing between disposable and cotton scrubs are a matter of convenience rather than medical or hygienic benefits. Since you can find several great deals for both hats on internet, the choice is completely up to you.

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